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The Rivers Trust | PragSys | GIS and Web Services in Newport, Cardiff and Swansea | Geographical Information Systems, Web Mapping, GIS Bureau, Consultancy, Web Design, Web Applications and Mobile

The Rivers Trust is an umbrella organisation for trusts concerned with rivers in England and Wales.  The main aims of The Rivers Trust are “to co-ordinate, represent and develop the aims and interests of the member Trusts in the promotion of sustainable, holistic and integrated catchment management and sound environmental practices, recognising the wider economic benefits for local communities and the value of education.”

In support of a variety of conservation and ecological projects, The Rivers Trust have identified a need for a Web GIS capability, to enhance communication between a variety of stakeholders and to enable spatial data collection via a Web Mapping interface

Working in partnership with The Rivers Trust, we have designed, specified and implemented several Web Mapping applications to support a variety of projects, including a Stakeholders Mapping Portal, a Fish Migration Barrier data capture and editing tool, and a bespoke Catchment Management Portal for the Tyne Rivers Trust.

From the initial GIS audit and consultancy service to the realisation and build of a cloud based geographic data server and interactive User Interface, we have provided an end to end solution.

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