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We are PragSys

PragSys – dealing with things in a realistic and practical manner, we specialise in websites, web mapping and GIS (geographical information systems). Committed to the delivery of our professional services, our team of experienced and pragmatic designers and engineers closely work with you to execute and deliver visually captivating websites, web mapping solutions, GIS and integrated system capabilities. With a record of professional excellence, we have worked with a range of public bodies, private organisations and third sector groups to provide web mapping and GIS capabilities.

What does PragSys design, implement and deliver?
Pragsys Web Mapping

Web Mapping

Web mapping is a process of using maps delivered by geographic information systems…

Pragsys GIS Bureau

GIS Bureau

As GIS specialists, our experienced team provides innovative solutions and a tailored consultancy service…

Pragsys Consultancy


With over 15 years experience and a record of excellence, PragSys has worked with a number of high profile clients on a consultancy basis…

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